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6 Reasons Why Men Are Switching to QALO Rings

6 Reasons Why Men Are Switching To QALO Rings

By Amanda Reid03/10/17
By now, you’ve probably seen guys wearing silicone wedding bands on their left ring fingers. Whether on the fingers of football players, your local police officers or the guys at the Crossfit box, these rings are bucking tradition and taking over the wedding ring industry. We decided to uncover why guys are trading in their traditional wedding rings for more functional versions.
Because the risks are too great.

Safety (and
comfort) first.

Designed for your safety and comfort, QALO rings are meant for hard-working, active hands. Their medical-grade silicone and patented Q2X™ material keep your hands safe from ring avulsion, conduction and more. Even if you don’t work heavy machinery and just enjoy golfing, surfing or working out, they keep your fingers safer and are more comfortable than any other ring.

Because dress shoes aren’t meant for the gym, and neither is your metal ring.

Options, options, options.

QALO offers over 30 colors and styles to choose from, and their patented Q2X™ material is 10x more resistant to gas, oil, and household chemicals than standard silicone. No matter your job or lifestyle, odds are, there’s a ring for you! We really love the newest Step Edge Q2X™ rings, but Black and Cement Grey Q2X™ are best-sellers.

Because no traditional wedding ring company can say this.

They give back a
whole lot.

The company invests in multiple philanthropic partners and non-profit organizations with special editions rings. Proceeds from every purchase of the limited edition rings directly benefit organizations like Barbells for Boobs, National Fallen Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, the Alliance for Lupus Research and more.

Because QALO loves their customers and vice versa.

Customer service is actually their top priority.

The company will do everything they can to help their community. If the over 5,000 five-star customer reviews are any indication, their customers clearly feel valued. Take a few minutes to read some reviews and you will see what we mean.

Because it’s run by two friends who loved their wives, but hated their rings.

It’s run by two friends who cherish their wives.

For QALO co-founders, Ted and KC, metal wedding rings didn’t make sense for their active lives, so they decided to create rings that did. Their friendship and commitment spills over into the company culture and makes QALO a special community to belong to.

Because you can commemorate your love with custom engraving.

They can customize you a one-of-a-kind ring.

Just like the traditional metal bands, QALO rings can be custom engraved to include any message you choose. Maybe it’s your wedding date, or your spouse’s name, or the initials of your kids’ names, but you can say a lot with 12 characters.

Dollars & Sense


The average price of a traditional men’s wedding band is around 600€, while a functional QALO wedding ring starts at only 20,99€. Both are symbols of love and the commitment made in marriage, but one leaves you comfortable, safe and with a lot more €€€ in the bank.

Plus, 40% of all married men in the US will lose their wedding rings. That’s over 20 million rings lost playing sports, working around the house or in their hands-on professions. Some will lose it multiple times!

Save yourself the headache and make the switch to QALO rings.